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At CSI America, our relationship with you comes first. Your satisfaction is paramount, and the best way to ensure we meet your high expectations is to begin with a clear and comprehensive understanding of your needs. We are proud of our track record for delivering the best personnel with the right kind of skills to do the work you need. Our candidate screening process has evolved and been fine-tuned to the point that our selection index is as high as 93%.

  The Process  

We begin by helping you evaluate your needs. Through conversations with you and your team, CSI’s client engagement managers collect detailed information about your environment, as it exists now and, more importantly, as you want it to be. We help you itemize your specific requirements – skill sets, business areas, stage of the project, deliverables and anticipated duration. We work with you to determine your go-forward plans, whether they’re for long-term permanent personnel, or staff who will be with you under contract for finite periods of time.

Next, CSI’s technology practice team carefully and thoroughly screens any potential candidates for the right technical skills, knowledge and experience. Personal interviews are conducted whenever possible to allow us to better determine candidates’ depth of experience, interpersonal and communication skills, and fit with your organization’s culture. If an in-person interview is not possible, candidates must take part in a face-to-face interview by videoconference.

Once a short list of suitable candidates has been compiled, their backgrounds, experience and references are scrupulously checked. We verify employment history for the past seven years and search for any criminal records or periods of time that are not accounted for. We ensure candidates have the appropriate security clearances, visas and work permits. When it’s mandated, we also verify professional credentials and conduct drug tests.

A final check is then conducted by CSI’s account management team to ensure a fit with your organization, and a short list of three suitable candidates is submitted for your review.

In the unlikely event that the candidates on the list do not meet your expectations, the client engagement team will review the selection criteria with you again and make any needed adjustments or amendments. The candidate selection process then begins again, and a new set of appropriate resumes is submitted to you.

  Ensuring Your Complete Satisfaction  

Finding, selecting and placing the right personnel with your organization is only the first step. Making sure that they satisfy your needs and meet your expectations for the entire duration of the project is a key element of the CSI America advantage, one that sets us apart from our competitors.

Once a month, a CSI account manager and strategic account manager will conduct an audit session at your premises. They will:

  • meet with your hiring manager and your procurement team to review the performances of all candidates placed in the previous month;
  • document any performance issues or inadequacies, as determined by you and your managers;
  • note any of your unmet expectations concerning reporting standards, pricing and quality management;
  • when requested, share CSI’s internal records concerning delivery cycle times, reports and the process indicators that were followed while recruiting candidates for specific positions and contract staff.

Should you be dissatisfied for any reason with personnel that CSI has placed with you, you may request a replacement within the first 90 days. Your request will be given top priority and the process to locate and provide a suitable replacement will begin immediately.

Finally, every six months, CSI will follow up and request that you provide a Key Result Area satisfaction rating for the personnel placed with you.

  Measuring Performance  

What’s measured, improves. What we document, we understand.

CSI America keeps stringent records. These help us to constantly improve our performance and our service to you. They also enable us to provide statistics and details relating to our staffing processes, which can help you evaluate your own metrics and performance relative to other CSI client organizations.

Some of the measurements that CSI can provide to you include:

  • Ratio of resumes delivered against positions opened for fulfillment Conversion ratio — the number of candidates selected vis-a-vis the number of resumes delivered
  • Cycle time in hours/days between the time the position is opened and resumes are delivered
  • Cycle time between the time an offer is made to a candidate and work commences
  • Retention rates of candidates placed with you
  • Response time between positions opened for fulfillment and delivery of qualified resumes
  • Cycle time for replacements when candidates back out or are terminated for performance-related issues
  • Candidate performance management and remedial measures

The Right Professionals
For Your Project

CSI America has a grip on your selection and screening needs. Your problems are our business.