We embed and raise an awareness of sustainability throughout our enterprise  

In all our operations, CSI America is committed to building a culture of sustainability that addresses a full range of environmental, economic and social factors. Some of our current priorities in these areas include:

  • Embedding an awareness of sustainability throughout our enterprise, with our suppliers and our customers, by demonstrating good leadership and establishing visionary management practices.
  • Meeting and, where possible, exceeding, North American legislative and regulatory guidelines for sustainability, and aspiring to meet best practice requirements.
  • Raising sustainability and environmental awareness, as well as promoting ethically sound and environmentally friendly behavior amongst employees, partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Developing and implementing effective and efficient utility and procurement management measures.


  • Developing and maintaining surrounding landscapes in ways that are sensitive to environmental impacts and impart social value.
  • Developing and implementing waste management practices that reduce diversions to landfills.
  • Developing procurement practices that minimize the impact to the environment and totally avoid the exploitation of individuals, communities and organizations.
  • Responding to and providing relief for any disaster, whether man-made or natural.
  • Selecting travel options for employees that minimize environmental impacts

Top five CSI-led sustainability initiatives


Mandatory recycling of all recyclable items came into effect in January 2003. Despite some initial resistance and inevitable carelessness, CSI is proud that today we are a company where recycling is an institutionalized standard.

Energy-efficient lighting

CSI has taken aggressive steps to install energy-efficient lighting in all company locations across North America. The result has been reduced environmental impacts and significant savings in energy costs. All power (including computer monitors, except for essential services) is switched off when the last person leaves the office for the day.

Participation in local environmental initiatives

Each year, CSI commits to active participation in at least five environment-friendly drives organized by the cities in which we operate. We look for opportunities with a specialized focus in local neighbourhoods and participate in building awareness of these events. Where facilities exist, we have implemented the “blue-bin” policy for recycling waste.

Environment-friendly disposal

A process has been implemented so that, to the fullest extent possible, all items that CSI procures – e.g. toners, paper, ink cartridges, consumables – have environmentally friendly disposal mechanisms.

Encouraging the use of public transit

Despite having parking lots at our facilities, CSI encourages its staff to use the public transport system (subway) or car-pool (in case employees are required to leave office during the day for client meetings, etc.). This ensures a per capita reduction of greenhouse gases, a reduction in the amount of fossil fuels used, and a reduction in the overall cost of transportation and parking.

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